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A Chat With Jelly & Cream

A Chat With Jelly & Cream

London-based headwear brand Jelly & Cream answers a few questions we had regarding the meticulous pieces that they’ve released so far and also future plans in the works. Read our web interview below:
Being in London, how does that affect designing and inspiration?
Just a little – just because we do feel as though there aren’t much snapbacks around in London and we wanted to tackle that niche in particular and bring forward new and original designs that haven’t been seen before.
What’s important to the concept of the brand?
We definitely just want our snapbacks to be very original and to definitely stand out amongst others. Each snapback is very individual so we do spend a lot of time on a design. We’ll keep picking at it until we think it’s good enough.

Where can we find some of the pieces?
As always, everything is available online at
We also have some pieces stocked at Stuff&Co in Whiteleys Shopping Centre, London.
What can we expect from upcoming collections?
We recently just announced our plans for a summer collection that will feature tees, sweatshirts, vests, a couple of 5-panel hats and a lot more snapbacks. We’re definitely excited about that and look forward to bringing that out for everyone!


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